• Green Country convenience store owners hope to get liquor license before laws change

    By: Paris Holmes



    • Local small convenience store owners are hoping to get their license to sell stronger beer and wine before the new state law goes into effect Oct. 1.
    • Able Commission officials say they have been overwhelmed with last-minute applications, and many businesses won't have licenses in time.
    • The application process takes about 60 days.

    A new liquor law that will allow Oklahoma convenience and grocery stores to sell stronger alcohol goes into effect Oct. 1.

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    FOX23 told you about how some local stores are making room for the new alcohol they will be getting.

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    Some small Green Country store owners, including Hasan Imam, the owner of King's Superstore in Tulsa, are worried that they will lose customers to bigger stores if they don't get their licenses soon.

    Able Commission officials say they've been overwhelmed with last-minute applications, and many businesses will not have their licenses in time. Officials say the application process takes about 60 days.


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