• Grand Lake residents concerned about impact of Duck Creek Bridge construction

    By: Cailey Dougherty


    TULSA, Okla. - Grand Lake community members are asking for a new bridge to be built beside the Duck Creek Bridge to prevent closure of the route while it's under construction.
    ODOT has delayed a $5.7 million bridge placement project that was originally set for March. The delay will help lakeside business owners avoid losing customers during the busy summer season.

    The Duck Creek Bridge on Highway 85 at Grand Lake is the main route between the towns of Ketchum and Cleora.  The bridge is 101-years-old, built in 1918. ODOT says it needs to be remodeled with wider lanes and shoulders.

    The project is postponed until the fall and will last about 180 days, according to ODOT officials.

    Community members are not only concerned about impact on businesses but also say there will be a 25-mile detour when the bridge is closed. Construction will also impact Ketchum school district bus routes and emergency response times. Cleora and Ketchum fire departments use the bridge to help each other respond to fires.  

    Community members say it could add at least 10-15 mins to response times.


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