Gov. Stitt calls in Oklahoma National Guard in response to protests in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

National Guard involvement in Tulsa protest

Governor Kevin Stitt’s office says the Oklahoma National Guard has been activated.

This, in response to protests in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Those protests have been in response to the killing of George Floyd.

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In a statement Gov. Stitt says "Yesterday’s demonstrations contained many powerful moments of Oklahomans coming together to make their voices heard and express their First Amendment rights safely. As many of the leaders of yesterday’s events have echoed, things started to change after the organized demonstration ended. I will continue to stand with Oklahomans who choose to peacefully demonstrate, but we cannot stand for violence or damage to property. At the request of local communities, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the National Guard have been authorized to provide support as needed. These hardworking Oklahomans are our friends and neighbors who step up in times of need, including to protect peaceful demonstrators. Violence and damage to property goes against the Oklahoma Standard and is a distraction designed to keep us from uniting together to change for the better.”

Right now, no organized protests are planned in Tulsa. However, there have been threats made of more to come. Tulsa police are looking into those threats.