Glenpool family writes book about traumatizing COVID-19 experience

GLENPOOL, Okla. — Danny Remington thought it was going to be a quick trip to the hospital.

“Nope, I was wrong,” Remington said.

After testing positive for COVID-19 in August, He spent 168 days in seven different facilities, battling COVID-19. His entire family tested positive, but he had it the worst.

He lost his job, had a lot of fingers and toes amputated, and is still going through rehab now. His “valley” isn’t over.

“It’s like a train ran over me and backed up and ran over me again,” he said in a conversation his family recorded and shared with FOX23 News.

The whole experience was so traumatizing for the family, they decided to write and publish a book about it.

“Walk through the Valley,” is now available on Amazon and in stores.

The back of the book reads, “Eight minutes...Danny was dead for eight minutes.”