Get updates from FOX23 News in your Amazon device

Get FOX23 headlines in your Echo flash briefing

FOX23 News is giving you the latest headlines in your Amazon devices.

Consumers can see video content on the device's 7-inch touch screen display. All Echo devices will play the audio from FOX23 News.

Start your day caught up with the headlines around Tulsa and the world- just enable FOX23 News in your Flash Briefing to begin receiving our headlines.

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Or you can activate it on your app:

Alexa customers will need to update their settings in order to receive this new offering by following the instructions below:
  • Open the Alexa App
  • Choose skills in the left navigation bar, and search FOX23
  • Click Enable Skill
  • Tap Settings on the left navigation bar
  • Select the Amazon Flash Briefing and enable FOX23 News