• Gathering Place: What you need to know about Tulsa's new park


    TULSA, Okla. - The opening of Tulsa’s brand-new Gathering Place park is just weeks away.

    We’ve been covering the construction of the project for years, from the 2014 reveal of the Adventure Playground details to the 2018 reveal of the phase one open date.

    GALLERY: Check out photos from the Gathering Place model displayed in 2014!

    The Gathering Place is the work of the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Construction on the multimillion-dollar park began in 2014. It will feature a huge playground, a skate park, a concert space, a pond for boating, a water park and much more.

    Tulsa's Gathering Place: A Timeline

    GATHERING PLACE: Explore The Park

    In early 2018, part of the playground opened for school field trips. Check out photos here.

    Phase one of the park will open Sept. 8, 2018, with a concert by The Roots, followed by 100 days of celebration.

    The long-awaited opening of Riverside Drive will happen on Sept. 10.

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