• Gathering Place to offer weekly 'Dog Play Wednesdays'


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    • Saturday marks one full week of the Gathering Place being open to the public.
    • The park will start enforcing rules regarding pets in the park.
    • Gathering Place will host a weekly "Dog Play Wednesdays" so pets can enjoy the park too.

    TULSA, Okla. - Saturday marks one full week of the Gathering Place being open to the public and the start of the park’s new dog policy.

    Dogs are allowed at the park, but owners will be asked to walk their dogs on the walking trails outside of the high traffic areas of the park.

    With 55,000 guests attending opening weekend events, park officials said dogs have become a safety issue -- due to unleashed dogs, aggressive dogs and waste left across the park.

    In order to make sure our furry friends get a chance to enjoy the park too, the Gathering Place will begin hosting Dog Play Wednesdays weekly from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    “It will be the best play session in Tulsa. It will be a secluded area filled with toys. Bring your dogs out. Play as much as you can,” said Gathering Place Executive Park Director Tony Moore.

    Bikes and scooters have also become an issue for park guests. On Saturday, cyclists will be asked to ride on the trails and walk their bikes when inside the park area.

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