Gas station stabbing investigated as possible hate crime

SAVANNA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Police said a man accused a gas station clerk of being a terrorist
  • The man stabbed the clerk, who went to the hospital in critical condition
  • Police booked the suspect on charges of attempted murder and began a possible hate crime investigation

State and federal investigators got involved in a gas station stabbing late Monday night in Savanna.

Police said Larry Johnson went into a gas station and accused the gas station clerk of being a terrorist. The clerk appeared to be of Middle Easter descent.

Johnson allegedly stabbed the clerk twice- once in the neck and once in the chest. The clerk suffered a punctured lung

Medics took the clerk to a Tulsa hospital by helicopter in critical condition. Doctors were able to stabilize him after surgery but did not update his condition.

Officers arrested Johnson and handed the investigation to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. They believe the stabbing could be classified as a hate crime. They also notified the FBI.

Police booked Johnson into the Pittsburg County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder.

Police do not believe he was intoxicated during the incident.