• TFD: 5 injured in west Tulsa gas leak fire


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Emergency workers responded to a gas line hit in west Tulsa.
    • It's happened near West 56th Street and South 37th West Avenue. A fire started at the scene.
    • Fire officials said one firefighter, 3 Oklahoma Natural Gas workers and an unidentified 5th person were injured. EMSA officials said several units responded.
    • The Tulsa Housing Authority owns the property where the fire occurred. They said they were installing new security cameras when it happened.
    • An unmarked gas line was hit. It exploded as crews tried to patch it.
    • Contractors were out earlier in the week to mark the gas lines.
    • Watch the videos above for more details.
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    ONG repaired the gas line on Friday and released this statement:

    "Oklahoma Natural Gas has repaired the damaged line located near West 57th Street and 33rd West Avenue in Tulsa. We continue to re-establish service to affected customers.

    Our thoughts continue to be with our employees as they recover. Out of respect for the privacy our employees and their families, we do not provide information related to our employees’ health conditions. 

    Safety is our number one value, and Oklahoma Natural Gas is committed to promoting a safe environment for employees. When accidents occur, they are felt profoundly by all of us. We are committed to supporting all of those impacted.

    We thank you all for your concern at this time and our workforce thanks you for your thoughts and support."


    VIDEO from the scene:

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