Officers' names released in Madison Dickson case

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Madison Dickson died after a patrol car hit her in an officer-involved shooting
  • Officer Kayla Johnson and Det. ROnnie Leatherman fired their weapons; Officer Jonathan Grafton was driving the vehicle during the incident
  • They believe Dickson participated in a violent, week-long crime spree
  • Dickson's possible gang ties went under investigation
  • Officers also hope to learn if Dickson had accomplices
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Tulsa police want to know if a woman killed while engaged with officers had gang ties.

Madison Dickson died after a patrol car hit her during an officer-involved shooting. Officers fired at her, but did not hit anyone.

Officers say before her death, Dickson went on a week-long violent crime spree and had gang ties. Investigators believe she might have accomplices.

FOX23 will update this story as autopsy information and investigation details are released.

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