• Funding program drops Tulsa pregnant teen non-profit

    By: Preston Jones


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    1. Tulsa Area United Way pulled funding from the Margaret Hudson program
    2. The program helps pregnant teens finish high school
    3. The program needs $200,000 before July, $385,000 by FY2018
    4. United Way pulled funding for other programs as well

    A program helping pregnant teens finish high school hopes to make up for funding recently pulled.

    Tulsa Area United Way pulled funding for the Margaret Hudson program, leaving the program short about 20 percent of the budget.

    The program needs to make up $200,000 before July and $385,000 before fiscal year 2018.

    United Way also discontinued funding for the Visiting Nurses Association of Oklahoma; the program closed Jan. 1.

    VAN helped provide in-home health services and immunizations to hundreds across Tulsa and Oklahoma City. United Way contributed $470,000 to the cause in 2015.

    United Way told FOX23 it uses a rigorous process for approving non-profit funding. Officials said the two programs failed to achieve sufficient levels of success. 

    Here's the full statement from United Way:

    "Each year, more than 100 highly trained volunteers from the community consider funding requests from current and prospective partner agencies of the Tulsa Area United Way.

    They study the governance, management, operations and financial stability of each non-profit organization applying for United Way support.

    In addition, they examine the effectiveness of each organization in improving the lives of those it serves.

    For the last several years, volunteers have identified leadership and operational deficiencies at the Margaret Hudson Program and the Visiting Nurses Association.

    As a result, United Way staff members worked diligently with both programs to improve their performance.

    However, last year it was determined the programs were not achieving sufficient levels of success, resulting in the elimination of funding.

    Protecting the investments of its contributors is of primary importance to the Tulsa Area United Way, which only invests in programs that meet the highest standards of success.

    We hope these programs are able to strengthen their operations and the support of those they serve."

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