• FUN FACTS: Route 66

    By: Ryan Love



    • A few miles off the main path of Route 66 in Foyil, Oklahoma lies the World's Largest Totem Pole.


    • If you only take the interstates along Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, it is about a four-day drive.


    • New Mexico contains the largest segment of Route 66 with 392 miles.



    • The first McDonald's restaurant opened nearby the portion Route 66 that runs through San Bernardino, California.




    • The lyrics to "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" -- composed by Bobby Troup (1946) and performed by King Cole Trio -- follow the path of Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.


    • A Route 66 television show about two young men traveling the U.S. in a Corvette ran during the 1960s.

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