FOX23 Severe Weather Team breaks down how to stay safe and prepared during severe weather, flooding

TULSA, Okla. — September is National Preparedness Month and no other type of severe weather is more dangerous than flooding. First, when it comes to your property, any water in your house or around it can be devastating. Even if you don’t live in a flood plain your property could be at risk for significant damage.

Joshua Smith and Jairus Daniels with 1-800 Water Damage say the most common issues that arise after a major downpour have to do with poorly functioning gutters or not having them altogether along with downspouts that don’t drain water properly away from the house. If windows or doors are not sealed properly, water can seep into them and cause damage internally. Another source of problems comes when water pools around the base of your house and can go into the foundation itself.

They say to clean out and inspect your guttering and landscaping. If you find water pooling next to our against your house, then you might be prone to flood damage.

If you are unsure if you live in a flood-prone area in Tulsa, you can see the risk areas here.

Most deaths occur, however, when people choose to drive through dangerous floodwaters. If you see standing water on a road in front of you, remember the saying, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.” It takes less than a foot of water to put your vehicle at risk for stalling out or being swept away.  Floodwaters carry many hazardous items which can cause injury or death.

By knowing your risk and heeding flood warnings and high water, you can stay safe from this frequent hazard in Oklahoma.