“We are completely out of stock,” FOX23 investigates missing COVID-19 tests

TULSA, Okla. — Anyone in need of a COVID-19 test is likely aware that this process could take hours. Currently, at-home COVID-19 tests are also in short supply. FOX23′s Investigative Reporter Janna Clark drove all over Tulsa to different stores and pharmacies to see if she could locate any at-home COVID-19 tests.

She started in East Tulsa at the Walgreens on 21st Street and Memorial Drive.

“We’re completely out of stock right now,” the cashier explained when Clark asked about the tests.

Clark was told that all the COVID-19 tests were located behind a glass shelf, but the entire section was empty. When asked about potential restocking for tests, the cashier explained that tests were expected to come in, but no one knew when.

“They’re on back order,” the cashier explained. “[The tests] go so fast.”

At her second stop in North Tulsa, Clark tried another Walgreens at E Pine Street and N Lewis Avenue.

“We don’t have any [COVID-19 tests],” the cashier explained. “I’m not sure when we will [get more COVID-19 tests]. The whole state is having a shortage of at-home COVID-19 tests.”

Again, Clark was faced with empty shelves where rapid COVID-19 at-home tests should be.

The Midtown CVS near E 15th Street and Utica Avenue, Clark was met with a bright yellow sign that said “Out Of Stock,” where the COVID-19 tests should be.

When Clark asked the cashier about when the pharmacy was expecting more tests, she was told that the last shipment sold out with 45 minutes.

“They just go so fast,” the cashier explained.

In West Tulsa, the Warehouse Market near W 51st Avenue and S Union Avenue has been out of COVID-19 at-home tests for at least a week.

The Walmart at E 81st Street and S Lewis Avenue greeted customers with a sign.

“No COVID tests in stock. Sorry for the inconvenience,” the sign stated.

One Walmart employee told Clark that the last time they had seen COVID-19 tests in stock was four days ago.

“We had about 16 boxes, six in a box,” the employee explained. “They went in about an hour.”