• Tulsa's move to new 'lock up facility' means officers no longer have direct access to state warrants

    By: Ashli Lincoln


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    • The Tulsa Police Department will now house inmates who face municipal in their own "lock up facility" for up to 10 days.
    • They used to house these inmates in the Tulsa County Jail.
    • Inmates who need to stay longer than 10 days will be housed at the Okmulgee County Jail.
    • Because the city employees are no longer at the Tulsa County Jail, officers are unable to access state warrants on their computers, and they will instead have to call the jail to check on those warrants.

    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police say they no longer have direct access to search for state warrants.

    The change went into effect after the city began formulating their own "lock up facility."

    Prior to the change, Tulsa police had direct access to search for city and state felony warrants on an individual through their computers. Because the data was stored at the Tulsa County Jail in the past, now officers must make a phone call to the jail to check for any state warrants on an individual.

    The state warrants were imputed in the city’s TRACIS system by city employees, and those employees no longer work at the jail.

    The Tulsa Police Department says officers can still make the call to check for warrants at their discretion.

    The new city of Tulsa "lock up facility" will house inmates who are facing municipal charges, such as charges related to a city DUI, traffic tickets, public intoxication, larceny and misdemeanor assaults.

    The facility is designed to hold up to 30 inmates, and an inmate will only be housed in the new facility for a maximum of 10 days. If an inmate is required to stay at the facility for longer than 10 days, they will be transferred to the Okmulgee County Jail.

    Police officials say some officers don’t agree with this new change, but it’s a new process the department says everyone will have to get used to.

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