Tulsa teachers gather at state capitol to lobby for higher wages

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Hundreds of Tulsa teachers and parents went to the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City Monday to lobby for higher pay wages.

The teachers said they hope lawmakers will approve the "Step-up Oklahoma" (HB 10-33) plan.

If approved, the plan would give all teachers a $5,000 raise.

The bill would increase taxes on wind energy, gas, diesel fuel and tobacco.

It’s projected to generate more than $580 million.

Lawmakers said it has been at least 10 years since Oklahoma’s public teachers received a pay increase.

Representatives with the Tulsa Classroom Teacher Association said Oklahoma is losing dozens of qualified teachers seeking employment in other states, because the pay wage is too low.

The state’s minimum salary for an entry-level position in the state of Oklahoma is $31,600.

FOX23 took a look at the pay wage for entry-level positions at local districts:

  • Tulsa Public Schools - $32,900
  • Jenks - $32,785
  • Union Public Schools - $32,697
  • Owasso - $33,685
  • Broken Arrow - $29,524

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