Tulsa surgeon sued after bad outcome

A surgeon under scrutiny is now being sued. 
A health professional said she's putting her career on the line to expose a surgeon she doesn't think should still be practicing, and several of the doctor's patients say they had bad outcomes after surgeries.
Raymond Jones struggles with his prosthetic after losing his leg. 
"It's a very big deal," Jones said.
When he talked to FOX23, the swelling still hadn't subsided from the amputation.
"It's like it's on fire sometimes," Jones said.
Jones fell from a ladder and broke his ankle. Dr. Darnell Blackmon, an experienced orthopedic surgeon, performed an ankle surgery.

"The surgery went real wrong," Jones said. Jones says he thought the incision was infected.

"You can look inside my foot and see the plate he inserted. I had a 1.5 inch gap on the side of my leg. It pussed and bled," Jones said.
Jones says Dr. Blackmon gave him an antibiotic, but another doctor said it was infected and too late to save his leg.
"They had to cut it off," Jones said.
"I'm very angry because I feel an an injustice was done to me," Jones said.
Cynthia Smith says her mom Lucille Elmore-Wright got her bunion removed by Dr Blackmon.
"She should've be fine," Smith said.
But she says it got complicated.
"Blood flow never went back to that foot," Smith said. "It was black."
Smith says another doctor suggested amputation,  but her mom didn't want that.
"All he could do is send her home with hospice...  to die," Smith said.
Smith says morphine for the pain, stopped her mom's heart.
"All because of a bunion...  we trusted him," Smith said.
A local health care professional didn't want to say her name because she says she could lose her job.
"I have a conscience," she said.
She says Dr. Blackmon surgically removed a bone spur in her foot.
But after surgery, she says as a medical professional, she knew something was wrong.
"I thought at one time I could possibly lose my foot the infection was so bad," she said.
She says another doctor later told her this: 
"The nerve endings were sewn up in my foot... I have a chronic pain problem for the rest of my life," she said.
Because of her job, she says she sees some of Dr. Blackmon's patients.
"Just too many bad outcomes," she said.
Tulsa Attorney Derek Ingle says he filed a lawsuit against Dr. Blackmon based on a hip replacement that was "too small" for his client Robert Leland Kidd.
"It didn't work, caused a great deal of pain," Ingle said.
Ingle says Robert still hasn't recovered.

"The malpractice caused considerable harm to my client for the rest of his life," Ingle said. "I know he suffered... what this doctor did was so wrong, so unacceptable, not just a whoops, but beneath the standard of care."

Dr. Blackmon agreed to talk to FOX23.
"I have absolutely nothing to hide," Dr. Blackmon said.

He says Kidd's hip replacement was not too small. "You can't put a hip replacement that's too small - we test it at the time of surgery."

As for the others who complained about their surgeries:
"I have really good outcomes, tons of patients who are extremely happy. Can patients have bad outcome? Yes, they can. Are there reasons? Yes,  there are. My biggest reason for having a bad outcome: patient compliance... With patients we can't go home and hold their hand. If we could, we would make sure things are done a lot differently."
When asked if he's a good surgeon: "I think I'm a good surgeon," Dr. Blackmon said.
Then when asked if he's helping people:  "I do, all the time." Dr. Blackmon said.