• Tulsa parent says TPS isn't going far enough to stop bullying after son stabbed with pencil

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Michelle Broomhall says her son has been bullied constantly at a Tulsa elementary school, and he was stabbed with a pencil recently.
    • She says students are not being punished enough for bullying.
    • The school district says they try to use a restorative process in dealing with potential bullying.


    A Tulsa parent says her son is being bullied at Sequoyah Elementary, and she believes the Tulsa Public School District isn’t doing enough to stop it.

    Michelle Broomhall told FOX23 Monday that someone stabbed her son in the stomach and shoulder last week while he was in class.

    She says the students who stabbed her son only received two days of in-school suspension.  

    She says the next day a friend of the student accused of stabbing her son jumped him, and she says the district never notified her.

    Broomhall says the bullying has been going on since her son was in the second grade. Now, he is in the fifth grade.

    Broomhall says the boy who assaulted her son should have received harsher punishment.

    Tulsa Public Schools says they take all bullying cases seriously, but they like to go with a different approach when discussing bullies’ punishment:

    “We have a focus on restorative practices that allow students to resolve conflict through dialogue. We also look for ‘third ways’ to respond to behavioral issues, such as assigning community services, or writing apologies and reflections on the behavior. This keeps students in school while providing appropriate interventions and clear consequences.”

    The district has not addressed why the fifth grader accused of stabbing Broomhall’s son was placed in a pre-K classroom as punishment.

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