Tulsa County pit bull shot and killed by deputy after attacking child, breaking chain

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A Tulsa County pit bull reportedly attacked a child and a deputy.
  • The deputy shot and killed the dog.
  • An investigation is underway.

A Tulsa County deputy is recovering after he shot and killed a dog yesterday near Collinsville when the dog reportedly bit a child and then attacked him.

There are at least two police reports on file with the sheriff’s office about the dog, and one neighbor told FOX23 it was a tragedy waiting to happen.

The pit bull reportedly attacked a seven-year-old Tuesday night.




Sheriff’s officials say the boy was visiting the house when he wandered to close to the dog, who was chained to a tree.

The boy was rushed to St. Francis, where he received emergency surgery.

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When a deputy arrived to take a picture of the animal, officials say the dog broke the chain, bit the deputy and broke his finger, prompting the deputy to shoot and kill it.

Sheriff’s officials say they knew about the dog. They say a neighbor filed reports on December 14, 23 and 24, stating her own dog was euthanized after the pit bull hurt it.

Another neighbor says the dog killed nine of his chickens.

FOX23 found a single law concerning nuisance dogs in Tulsa County. The law, which dates back to 1979, states that a nuisance dog is any that “chases any person or domestic animal or kills any domestic animal.”

In the case that a dog is a nuisance, the law states the animal warden should impound it, so it can’t hurt anyone else.

The deputy injured in the incident is now on paid leave while he heals.

The dog’s owner was not arrested. An investigation is underway.

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