• Senator starts task force that could bring high-speed rail to Tulsa

    By: Janna Clark


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    • A Tulsa senator is working on a task force to study transportation in Tulsa.
    • They will work on addressing a rail system between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa Sen. Kevin Matthews is starting a bipartisan task force to study transportation possibilities in Tulsa, including a high-speed train between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

    An Oklahoma law passed in 1996 says the state has to start passenger rail between Tulsa and Oklahoma counties - but there is no deadline.

    Matthews says the task force will figure out how to pay for it with a public/private partnership.

    The task force will also study light rail, starting with a route from the airport to downtown Tulsa and along the IDL.  After that, routes could be added to the suburbs.

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