Repairs continue at Tulsa’s Mohawk Park, more funding needed

TULSA, Okla. — FOX23 has been following the updates involving repairs at Tulsa’s Mohawk Park.

Rotting wood, holes in wooden panels, and other issues have been reported at bridges along the park’s golf course.

Some repairs have been made, costing the City of Tulsa around $6,500. But more work is needed, especially at two low-water crossings.

Structural engineers estimate that it will cost about $2 million dollars to build both bridges. FOX23 requested documents from the City of Tulsa about funding the project. In July, the parks department requested funding through the American Rescue Act.

The request was denied.

Now, city officials plan to use FEMA-approved money to fix the low-water crossings. It’ll cost more than $30,000 to repair both crossings.

“My commitment, this city council’s commitment, and this mayor’s commitment is that we own these, they’re city assets. We want to do what we can do to get them in good shape,” said America.