Property owner says Oklahoma non-profit left piles of trash on his land

PAWNEE COUNTY, Okla. — Robert Stamper has been working to clean up a massive pile of junk on his property in Pawnee County. Robert says a non-profit organization left behind the mess.

He told FOX23 that Victor and Penny Colbert, who run Oklahoma Heartland Heroes Foundation, rented the property from him. But, they stopped paying the bill. In July, he took them to court.

Six weeks later, a judge evicted them. However, they left Robert behind with the mess.

Family and friends have been helping Robert clean and haul the mess away.

Last spring, FOX23 also uncovered another mess in north Tulsa. A FOX23 investigation revealed that the same non-profit wasted hundreds of boxes of government food, paid with your tax dollars.

The food was supposed to be given to needy families.

A Sand Springs pastor said the same thing happened to his church, after they gave Heartland Heroes nearly $7,000 for food.

The only time FOX23 has been able to reach the Colberts was last spring. At the time, Victor Colbert told FOX23 that the organization had been working to feed people, and that sometimes food goes to waste. However, he says Heartland Heroes has done nothing wrong.