Scanning for uninsured drivers

Quick Facts:

  • The Oklahoma District Attorney Council (DAC) says a new initiative will address state budget problems and the growing number of uninsured drivers.
  • The initiative involves devices set up to scan license tags to find uninsured drivers.
  • DAC President, Washington County District Attorney Kevin Buchanan said Oklahoma is the number one state in the nation with uninsured drivers.  
  • Flagged uninsured drivers will be fined $184.
  • The DAC will run the program and receive $100 of the money collected. The company, GATSO, will receive $84 of fines paid. The DAC thinks this could generate millions in funding for the state.
  • But not everyone thinks this program is a good idea, FOX23's Ashli Lincoln talked to area defense attorneys about flaws they see in the program.

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