Green Country schools scramble to find substitute teachers

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Oklahoma school officials told FOX23 the teacher shortage is leading to a shortage of substitutes
  • Schools rarely fill all requests for substitutes, numbers requested from Tulsa Public Schools show difficulty in filling spots
  • Officials say flu season is making the problem worse
  • This can lead to combined and split classes which can be a challenge for students and teachers
  • Some subs cancel or don't show up at all
  • FOX23's Shae Rozzi is investigating the reasons behind the shortage.
  • WATCH her full report in the video above.

Officials with Oklahoma schools told FOX23 the shortage of teachers in the state is also impacting their substitute teachers.

They told FOX23 the flu season is making the problem even worse. The shortage can force some schools to combine classes when teachers are out so the students have supervision.

Retired Tulsa teacher Dana Bean talked about working as a substitute.

Stay-at-home mom Jennifer Hudson also talked about why she became a substitute and why she loves it.

Attendance Clerk Susan Waldin showed us how finding a substitute teacher is done online and talked about the challenges finding a substitute.

An area principal also discussed the issue.

FOX23's Shae Rozzi talked to schools about the issue and how it impacts students in a FOX23 Investigation. WATCH the video above.