Possible connection: Teen cancer and Collinsville Superfund site

Quick Facts:
  • Three teens at Collinsville High School all diagnosed with blood cancers within the last year
  • In EPA and Department of Environmental Quality documents, FOX23 found some of the toxins left behind: arsenic, cadmium and lead - all known to possibly cause cancer
  • FOX23 research found the number of cancer cases is not higher than other nearby towns up until 2015, but some community members say they've compiled a list of people with cancer. They've seen a spike in the past two years. 
  • WATCH FOX23 Janna Clark's full report above. 

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — SEE MORE: FOX23's Janna Clark talks to high school journalist Lexi Draper about her story.

WATCH: Collinsville students made this video for a fellow student diagnosed with Leukemia.

I can't even begin to explain how blessed I am to work at Collinsville High School. One of our Freshmen was just diagnosed with Leukemia, and this is a video that we made for him. We fight together. GO CARDS! Stacey Rose Dutton

Posted by Laura Sheehan on Monday, September 26, 2016