Police: Same criminal activities happening at spa despite name change

Three women were arrested for embezzlement, prostitution, and drugs at local Broken Arrow massage parlor.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Police arrested three women at a Broken Arrow spa.
  • One woman was reportedly working as a prostitute, another was wanted for embezzlement and a third was accused of smoking marijuana in the parking lot.
  • Police say the spa changed their name after another prostitution arrest there.

Police say they arrested three women at a Broken Arrow spa over accusations of embezzlement, prostitution and drugs.

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The arrests happened at the My Spa, where police say they arrested a woman for prostitution just months earlier, though the spa was called Rocky Mountain Day Spa at the time.

Officers say they arrested Amy Goforth for prostitution, but the arrests didn’t stop there.

They say they found Elizabeth Singley, a woman wanted for embezzlement, inside the spa, and then they reportedly found Tiffany Martineau smoking marijuana just outside in her car.

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Police say they have reached out to the business park owner, and because they believe he’s allowing the problem to continue, they say he could face charges as well.

Police say new state massage laws have made city laws obsolete, and they do not believe that is necessarily a good thing.

They say they used to have more knowledge about ownership, and now they say these sorts of investigations are more difficult.

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