• Police confirm they have unreleased video footage of deadly Tulsa officer-involved shooting

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Law enforcement opened fire on Joshua Barré Friday, killing him.
    • An attorney says he wants to see police video of the incident.
    • Police confirm they have footage, but they are working to download the footage.
    • The sheriff's office says they don't have footage of the incident.


    An attorney say he wants to see additional video footage from a deadly officer-involved shooting in north Tulsa.

    Joshua Barré was shot and killed during a mental health call last week after law enforcement claimed he threatened their lives and entered a convenience store with two large knives.

    Attorney Daniel Smolen says police body cam videos and dash camera videos have not yet been released.

    Though police did release video of Barré entering a convenience store with knives in his hand before he was shot, Smolen says he and Barré's family want to see all the videos of the interaction between Barré and law enforcement to understand what led to the shooting.

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    Tulsa police confirmed that they do have additional footage and that the officer who opened fire on Barré was wearing a body camera, but they say they are working to download the video from their system.

    The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, who also responded to the scene and opened fire during the interaction, says they have neither body camera nor dash camera footage of the incident.

    We the People Oklahoma released a statement concerning the video footage Tuesday:

    "It has been 4 days since Tulsa PD and Tulsa County Sheriff officers were involved in a shooting which took the life of Joshua Barre, a mentally ill man from Tulsa. To date the only video released of the incident is an edited version from a private business. We are calling for the release of all tax payer funded video and audio concerning the shooting of Mr. Barre. This information should be immediately released to the general public. We also continue to request blood tests of the officer(s) involved and that this investigation should be completed by the state and not local law enforcement. The OSBI should be the agency investigating this incident. We don’t believe a county or city should investigate themselves because of their daily working relationships with each other.

    "WE THE PEOPLE OKLAHOMA will continue to push for transparency and accountability from our public officials. We will continue to work on behalf of the citizens of the great state of Oklahoma because when concerned citizens make their voices heard positive changes are made."

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