Oklahoma woman fights for dog in Colorado shelter

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Patti Sears says she loaned her dog to a woman in Denver, Colorado, so she could use it as a show dog.
  • The woman was arrested and her animals were confiscated.
  • Now, Sears says she can't get her dog from the shelter.

A local woman says a Colorado shelter won't give her back her French bulldog, even though she can prove it's rightfully hers.

Patti Sears told FOX23 she allowed a Denver woman to borrow her dog, Wyatt, as a show dog. She said everything was fine for two years, but then she was shocked to find the woman was arrested and the Denver Animal Shelter confiscated the animals in her possession.

Now, Sears wants Wyatt back.

She said Marleen Puzak was arrested for animal cruelty and hoarding in August, and nearly 30 dogs were rescued from her home. Around 10 dogs were found dead in a freezer there.

The Denver Animal Shelter's attorneys said that because the dogs were with Puzak for more than 30 days, they were legally her dogs, and Puzak signed her ownership rights over to the county.

Shelter officials say the Wyatt's microchip is not enough to return the dog.

They said Sears gave them a microchip number that came back unregistered, and it wasn't until later that Sears gave them the number matching Wyatt's chip, which did register back to her.

"I had got the microchip for his and his sisters on the wrong page," Sears told FOX23.

Sears breds puppies and says she microchips them all.

"I have a reason," she said, "Two of us were microchipping these strong, little wiggly puppies, and I just got the wrong sticker on the wrong page."

The Denver Animal Shelter said that after the mixup, the microchip is not conclusive evidence.

Sears has hired an attorney to try to get her dog back. She said she hopes that legislators take a closer look at microchipping laws and how they relate to pet ownership.

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