• New concussion protocol calls for increased activity for recovery

    By: Michelle Linn


    TULSA, Okla. - Local experts say the old "rest is best" thinking is outdated when it comes to recovering from concussions.

    Experts at Redbud Physical Therapy in downtown Tulsa told FOX23 the brain needs activity to heal and recover from head injuries.

    Certified athletic trainer and physical therapist Emma Strande says she has been treating concussions for about ten years. Strande says concussions are grossly under-reported -- particularly by teenage athletes who do not want to miss playing time.

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    She recommends 24-48 hours of rest when recovering followed by physical therapy that includes vestibular testing and retraining, ocular motor therapy, and balance training.

    Strande says anyone recovering from a concussion should avoid video games and regulate their sleep in order to best heal their brain. She says 75 percent of concussions can be fully healed in four weeks.

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