Lawsuit claims Oklahoma man died after what happened to him inside jail walls

VIDEO: Lawsuit alleges man died as result of what happened in Oklahoma jail

CARTER COUNTY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Michael Manos died in the Carter County Jail in 2015.
  • He reportedly died of a blood clot, but there were bruises and abrasions on him.
  • A federal lawsuit claims he did not receive his mental health medication and died as the result of what happened to him inside the jail.

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday by a local attorney on behalf of a man who died in the Carter County Jail in 2015 says the army veteran was not given mental health medication and died because of what happened to him inside the jail walls.

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Michael Manos was supposed to serve 120 days for assault and battery on a police officer and an EMT, but he died just 15 days in.

The lawsuit alleges that Manos’ treatment inside the jail caused his death.

An autopsy said Manos died of a blood clot, but it also said he suffered before he died. It said he had bruising and abrasions on him.

The family’s attorney, Dan Smolen, said Manos was bipolar and showed acute symptoms after he did not receive medication in the jail.

According to Smolen, an ambulance showed up to the jail and found that Manos had feces all the way to his esophagus, stalling lifesaving efforts. Smolen also said a deputy had to leave because she gagged about the conditions of the cell.

Jail records from the day Manos died say a deputy checked on him, and that Manos acted in the same way he had for the previous couple weeks, laying on the floor, growling and mumbling to himself.

He allegedly did not eat.

According to the jail record, six hours later, a deputy went to his supervisor and Manos was found without a pulse.

The man in charge at the time, the former Carter County Sheriff, was allegedly bribing a female employee for sex around the time Manos was in jail. He later pleaded guilty to bribery.

Manos also reportedly complained to doctors at the VA about being beaten by police when he was arrested a few months before.

The current sheriff did not return calls from FOX23 Tuesday.

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