Joe Exotic’s take on Tiger King 2

Joe Exotic is talking Tiger King as Season 2 of the Netflix true crime series debuts Wednesday.

FOX23′s Janna Clark has kept in touch with Joe Exotic since last year. His latest letter from prison details his true thoughts on the series that put his name on the map.

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Joe Exotic, also known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, says people on the show are profiting while he’s in prison paying the price. The biggest take away from the Tiger King’s letter; “the world will be shocked.”

Maldonado-Passage says staffer Allen Glover “risked his own freedom to come forward with what is going to be the truth.”

We told you the prosecution says Joe gave staffer Allen Glover $3,000 to go to Florida and kill Big Cat Rescue rival Carole Baskin. Allen is now on camera admitting he lied on the stand during Joe’s trial.

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In a FOX23 investigation in September, Joe’s attorney filed an affidavit signed by Jeff Lowe, the man who helped federal agents gather information against Joe, saying he took back a lot of the things he had previously said.

Joe writes “when you watch Tiger King 2 you will finally see I was telling the truth the whole time.”

Joe was granted new sentencing hearing but a date has not yet been set.

“I’ve done nothing wrong” he wrote. Adding in his letter, “I would like to ask the people on my jury after Tiger King 2 airs, did they really look at the evidence?... My life is not a game.”