How well is Oklahoma giving out COVID-19 vaccines?

TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma is staying in the top-10 of COVID-19 vaccines administered in the U.S. headed into February.

Research by analysts at Quote Wizard shows Oklahoma has vaccinated more than 325,000 people or 5.1 percent of its population.

Oklahoma ranked seventh in the nation behind Vermont, Connecticut, North Dakota, Alaska and West Virginia at 7.5 percent.

Analysts say Oklahoma is going well with its vaccinations because state and local health departments have been able to set up vaccination locations and distribute vaccinations efficiently.

State and local officials have also made adjustments during Phase 1 of the vaccine rollout, like shifting thousands of vaccines to the Tulsa metro area after reports of citizens having to drive to other counties to receive vaccinations.

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Analysts say another factor in Oklahoma’s success has been a higher concentration of healthcare workers and people older than 65 living in senior homes -- more people in a single location or close proximity.

So far, Oklahoma has administered about 48 percent of its vaccine doses, ranking it 13th among other states in the U.S.