• FOX23 Investigation: Athletes addicted to opioids

    By: Michelle Linn


    Quick Facts:

    • St. John Medical Center’s injury prevention coordinator, Krista Norrid, RN, is working to educate doctors to stop prescribing strong pain killers to teen athletes
    • Six years ago FOX23 reported the death of OU linebacker Austin Box. He fought sports injuries through college. His family had no idea that led to an addiction to prescription painkillers
    • Reggie Whitten’s son Brandon, was a college football player, like Box. Whitten learned his son started abusing prescription pills in the locker room. Years later, he lost his life to addiction
    • Whitten and Former U.S. District Judge Mike Burrage are representing the state in a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers
    • Judge Burrage’s niece battled addiction and eventually ended her life
    • Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter says more Oklahomans are dying of opioid addiction each year, since 2009, than in car accidents
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