FOX23 Investigates: Why there are so many medical marijuana dispensaries

Medical marijuana industry growing in Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla. — One of the biggest new businesses in Oklahoma is that of medical marijuana.

In the last year, the medical marijuana business has pumped $41.3 million in tax dollars into the state.

Tulsa has 263 dispensaries of its own -- nearly matching the number of churches in the city.

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More than 700 people apply for a medical marijuana card and as of last week, 209,730 Oklahomans have one. That is one in every 14 adults.

Voters legalized medical marijuana in the state in the summer of 2018 -- joining more than 30 other states to have done so.

However, Oklahoma is the only state that does not require someone to have a qualifying condition to get a card. The law did not establish qualifying conditions, therefore patients do not have to tell a doctor why they want a card.

Recreational marijuana is not legal yet in Oklahoma, but 11 of the 33 states to legalize its medical use later legalized it for recreation.

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