FOX23 Investigates: Vaccinating for measles

Vaccinating for Measles
  • Oklahoma hasn't seen a case of measles this year; the Tulsa Health Department is launching an ad campaign encouraging families to make sure children are up to date on vaccines.
  • The efforts come as the nation sees its worse measles outbreak in more than two decades with more than 700 cases so far, mostly in people who have not received the vaccine.
  • Health officials recommend a first dose at age 1 and a second dose by the time a child is entering kindergarten.
  • Oklahoma is one of only 17 states that allow exemptions for personal beliefs, not just for medical or religious reasons.
  • Through an open records request, FOX23 discovered an increase in the number of children in Oklahoma not fully vaccinated as they enter kindergarten.
  • Tulsa health officials say the first MMR dose is 93% effective and the second dose is 97% effective in protecting patients against the measles virus, and the vaccine can also be used immediately following exposure to help block the disease from fully infecting a patient.
  • They also encourage families who will be traveling outside the U.S. to contact the Tulsa Health Department to check the vaccines recommended for travel as some adults may want to be revaccinated.
  • Health officials say anyone living with someone who is immunocompromised should get the vaccine to reduce the chance of exposing the vulnerable person to the disease.
  • A local mother is concerned about the schedule and number of vaccines children are receiving while their brains and bodies are still developing.
  • She says a second opnion of her daughter's autopsy shows she died due to vaccine-related encephalopathy.
  • FOX23's Shae Rozzi is talking to health officials and parents about the benefits and risks of vaccinating for measles.
  • See her full report above

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