FOX23 Investigates: Ukrainians offer update on siege in Mariupol

Last month, FOX23 gave you an update on two Ukrainian men who say their families are trapped in Mariupol.

Both Alexander and Eduard, who are friends, were working outside of the city when Russian troops invaded. Alexander says he hasn’t been in contact with his family in weeks. However, he just sent an update to FOX23, saying that his parents are alive.

Eduard’s family is also alive. He has been able to receive videos and images from his wife and 4-year-old daughter. He says the pair were able to connect with Eduard’s mother.

“I hope they will have an opportunity to escape from Mariupol. I hope, I really hope,” said Eduard.

Thankfully, Eduard’s family was able to leave a bunker in the city and evacuate.

Some of Eduard’s friends also wanted to send messages to FOX23. In an edited video, his friends say people are dying without food. They are forced to collected snow from water, and people are dying from the cold.

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Eduard says some people are risking their lives to save friends and family.

“People who I know volunteers, they tried to go inside Mariupol on a bus. It was as I know from last information, a bus going to Mariupol and they just disappeared. Nobody knows if they are alive.”

The United Nations says that more than 100,000 civilians are on the verge of starvation. The Russian Defense Ministry just gave an ultimatum to the last remaining Ukrainian troops still fighting in Mariupol; to surrender.

These fighters, along with several thousand civilians, are barricaded inside an iron and steel plant.

FOX23 will stay in touch with Alexander and Eduard.