• FOX23 Investigates: Tulsa neighborhood installs new tech to catch criminals

    By: Janna Clark , Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. - A south Tulsa neighborhood has installed new technology to help catch criminals.

    They installed a Flock Safety system that includes wireless cameras that read license plates. As cars drive through the neighborhood, the camera takes a series of pictures of the vehicles and their license plates with a date and time.

    In a FOX23 investigation, FOX23's Janna Clark learned some people argue the system is more "big brother" than crime fighter, but others say it makes them feels safe.

    Tulsa police said it could help them solve crimes because they rarely get video that shows license plates that are legible.

    The neighborhood homeowner's association leases the cameras from Flock for $125 per camera per month. The company takes care of any issues with the technology.

    WATCH FOX23's Janna Clark's full investigation Monday on FOX23 News At 5.

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