FOX23 Investigates: New cars collecting more data about users

VIDEO: The power of car GPS systems

TULSA, Okla. — As cars become more advanced and technology improves, vehicles are collecting more data.

In her FOX23 investigation, Michelle Linn discovered a variety of ways people are using the extensive amount of data collected by vehicles.

Captain Ronnie Hampton investigates fatal accidents for Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Hampton told FOX23 that troopers use the VIN to determine how much information is stored on a vehicle's event data recorder.

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Troopers can use that information to determine a vehicle's speed and direction as well as where the vehicle was prior to a crash.

According to divorce attorney Jordan Dalgleish, some spouses use GPS data when they suspect infidelity. Dalgleish says a person can hire a technician to pull GPS data from a spouse's car's infotainment system, or place a GPS tracking device on the car -- if the person's name is on the title.

Dalgleish says the data can be a bargaining chip at a negotiation table, but the information rarely comes out in court. She says she advises clients that the information could become public record and that their children could have access to it one day.

Private investigators say GPS data is only one part of their investigation. They say they oftentimes they have to use surveillance video because the spouse is typically not satisfied until they see a photo that proves an affair.

Private Investigator Nathan Alessi says that in some cases his investigations have proved a spouse's suspicions wrong.

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