FOX23 Investigates: Local man petitions for 'Right to Try' ALS drug

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A Broken Arrow man suffering from ALS is petitioning a California company to allow him and others battling the disease a chance to try something new.

Mike Henson told FOX23's Shae Rozzi he wants access to a new drug not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration that shows great promise in slowing the progression of ALS.

Rozzi introduced Henson to legendary Jenks High School football coach Allan Trimble who said he wants to support Henson's petition and join the fight. Both men called it a "life or death" situation.

Supporters of the petition hope to gain access to the drug under the "Right to Try" legislation President Donald Trump signed into law in 2018.

Below is the company's response to Mike Henson and FOX23's Shae Rozzi:

"Dear Mr. Henson,

My name is Kay Noel and I'm the COO of Collaborative Medicinal Development.  I'm very sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  In fact, a key reason we committed ourselves to finding a better treatment for ALS in the first place was to try to help people, like you, who are suffering from this terrible condition.

At this early stage, however, our preliminary results are not yet definitive and we are not in a regulatory or practical position to be able to offer CuATSM under "Right to Try." All we can do is to continue dedicating ourselves to moving this drug forward through the clinical trial and regulatory process as quickly and efficiently as we can.


Kay Noel, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Collaborative Medicinal Development"

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