FOX23 Investigates: Green Country doctor has treatment to help ease hangovers

Quick Facts:
  • A local doctor makes house calls hangovers.
  • Patients can schedule appointments for nights they know they'll be drinking heavily.
  • FOX23's Shae Rozzi is investigating the growing popularity of IV Therapy that's also used to treat a number of other things including cancer.
  • The risks you need to know about on FOX23 News Monday at 5.
Holiday parties are coming up and for one Green Country doctor that could mean an increase in house calls to help cure hangovers. 
Yes, he has a treatment designed to help ease the pain of hangovers. 

"Hangovers are dehydration.You wake up, you got a headache, you're hot cold and you terrible that is the result more than anything else of dehydration."

FOX23's Shae Rozzi talked to him about his treatment and the other conditions it can help, like cancer patients. 
IV Therapy is not recommended for everyone. A local cardiologist FOX23 spoke with warns too many fluids could cause complications for patients with congestive heart failure or people who are on certain medications. It’s recommended that you check with your primary doctor before trying this type of treatment.
WATCH her full report in the video above.