FOX23 Investigates: The Evolving Meth Market

TPD say more meth is flooding the streets from Mexico

TULSA, Okla. — Meth has plagued Tulsa for decades, but its origin doesn’t endanger the community the same way it used to.

In a FOX23 investigation, we found the number of meth lab-fueled house fires have almost disappeared.

Data from TPD shows in 2009, officers responded to 315 suspected meth labs. The number peaked in 2011 with 431.

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Then, there was a steady decline each year. Officers only responded to two suspected meth labs in 2019.

Undercover detectives with Tulsa Police Department Narcotics say despite the lack of local meth makers, the drug is more prevalent than ever.

It’s being manufactured in Mexican “super-labs,” then illegally smuggled into the United States.

Because of the high volume, the price of meth has decreased dramatically. Police say in 2011, an ounce of crystal meth cost around $1,700. Now, that same amount costs around $200 -- an 88 percent drop in under a decade.

Police say to combat the problem, they are targeting big-time dealers. They are actively pursuing known drug dealers, serving warrants, and working with officials outside of Tulsa to help stop the drug from reaching the city.

Officers also say education is a huge part of the solution.

They want to educate children about the risks of drug abuse, to try and stop the problem before it begins.