FOX23 Investigates: Death in Handcuffs

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MUSKOGEE, Okla. — FOX23 has exclusive scene video of when a Muskogee County man died after he was arrested by four officers and deputies.

None of the officers or deputies were charged, so now both sides are fighting it out in court.

In the video, you see the struggle and you can hear the last sounds Cody Lynch made.

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Cody’s dad was on the scene and told FOX23 the officers were on his back and that Cody kept saying he was going to die, and begged the officers to get off of him.

Officers told OSBI that Cody was resisting arrest, “fighting”, “screaming” and “trying to kick them,” but the family’s attorneys say later in depositions all four officers testified under oath that at the time force was being applied, Cody posed no danger.

In the OSBI report, officers and deputies made similar statements -- that Cody “stopped screaming and breathing all at once” and they “immediately checked for a pulse” and “started CPR.”

But the family’s attorneys say for more than 2 and a half minutes officers offered no medical attention.