• FOX23 Investigates: Changes to consignment sales

    By: Michelle Linn


    Quick Facts:

    • Green Country families taking part in or volunteering at consignment events could see things change.
    • The Labor Department says events like Just Between Friends and other large consignment events don’t meet Fair Labor Act standards.
    • Department officials say volunteers at those events should be paid.
    • FOX23’s Michelle Linn talked to the CEO of Just Between Friends about what this could mean.
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    A legal threat could change a popular way to shop for children's clothes.

    "This is a big deal that could affect a lot of families," said the founder of Just Beween Friends about the threat.

    It’s also a way some families pay off bills and get items they need, but all that may change.

    FOX23’s Michelle Linn discovered a legal threat to consignment sales that serve thousands of people every year.

    She’s taking a closer look at the protection business owners are seeking to keep sales like this open.

    WATCH the full report above.

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