• End of ADvantage program means uncertainty for some Oklahoma residents

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • The ADvantage program is set to end in Oklahoma due to budget cuts.
    • The program provides meals and services to area residents who otherwise may not be able to live independently.
    • FOX23 talked to a couple about the program's end.

    Oklahoma residents are worrying about the future as the state says they are ending a care program.

    Christina Lathem, 37, told FOX23 she and her fiancé, 40, don’t know what’s next for them, because the state is getting rid of the ADvantage program, a program under the state’s department of human services umbrella.

    Lathem, who was born with spina bifida, says she and her fiancé, who lives with type one diabetes, rely on everyday needs from the state program.

    The ADvantage program provides the couple with daily meals, home cleaning services and medical supplies.

    Lathem says the program allowed them to become independent and avoid relying on a nursing facility.

    Now that the program is in jeopardy, she fears they’ll have no other choice but to move back into a nursing home.

    She says she now fears this will lead to overcrowding at nursing homes.

    The acting director of the department of human services, Karen Poteet, said the program was being defunded to meet a $69 million dollar shortfall.

    Participants aren’t optimistic after the failed budget didn’t pass last week.

    Individuals affected by this are hopeful House Bill 1084 will be passed during special session. If passed, it will fund $29 million to the agency.

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