DHS investigates abuse allegations at Tulsa mental health facility

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Department of Human services opened investigation into Shadow Mountain
  • The director, Mike Kistler, is also under investigation
  • The program faces nine claims of abuse or neglect at seven of their facilities

DHS launched an investigation into nine claims of abuse or neglect at seven Tulsa mental health services facilities.

The department confirmed the investigation into director Mike Kistler and the system, which cares for children and adolescents in Tulsa.

The department did not go into specifics of the investigation.

DHS does not monitor the facility. It investigates claims to pass on to the district attorney’s office.

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A Buzzfeed News article revealed allegations of violence, riots and abuse during a larger investigation into Universal Health Services controversy.

A document obtained by Buzzfeed News showed dozens of instances of abuse or neglect reported at Shadow Mountain.

FOX23 reached out to Kistler for comment on the investigation.

At all times the safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority. We are proud of the care provided to patients at Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health. Shadow Mountain has a long, collaborative relationship with Oklahoma's Department of Human Services (DHS) with the common goal of providing the best possible care and treatment to our patients.  We will cooperate with DHS in any way possible to demonstrate that our patients are provided appropriate care and treatment.

According to Tulsa police records, they were called out to Shadow Mountain 340 times between 2014 and 2016. The calls vary from rapes, fights, runaways and wrangling.

FOX23 continues to follow this investigation.

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