Completed construction project frustrates drivers, City of Tulsa addresses concerns

TULSA, Okla. — A construction project in south Tulsa has finished, but drivers are still complaining about a stretch of Memorial Drive between 71st and 81st.

“The construction clearly wasn’t done right, because all the grates when you go down on the right lane, there are big bumps, almost like a speed bump on the main road,” said Josh, a frustrated driver FOX23 spoke with at a QuikTrip near 81st and Memorial.

Josh says driving over the lane feels like you’re riding a roller coaster.

“No other roads are like that,” said Josh. “Driving behind people, you can tell that people are shocked by it. They’ll think they’re going off the road. I’ll be behind them and see them driving. They’re either slamming on their brakes or jolting to the left because they think something bad happened to their car.”

Josh believes a crew built the ditch before they built the road, and didn’t realize how much of a drop it would be. He is also concerned about a street widening project near 81st and Sheridan.

“Whoever is listening and has some say, make sure they do the drainage basins the right way on 81st,” said Josh. “It would be insane if it was the new norm. It would be a disaster for Tulsa.”

FOX23 reached out to the City of Tulsa, who said the project at 81st and Sheridan will not have similar storm drains. When it comes to the area near 81st and Memorial, more work is needed. But, city leaders say more funding is needed to complete those repairs.

Josh says crews need to make repairs to this area now, before the area causes damage to cars and car accidents.

“It seems like every road project in Oklahoma takes multiple years anyways, so why not, let’s do it.”

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