City of Tulsa continues improvements at Mohawk Park’s golf course

TULSA, Okla. — Several months ago, FOX23 told you about issues at Tulsa’s Mohawk Park. Golfers shared images of crumbling, dangerous bridges as they walked around the course.

Rod Garrett and Larry Huey love to play golf at Mohawk Park. However, they had concerns about the park’s safety. They reported rotten, wooden planks covering holes in the bridges. Garrett and Huey complained to the City of Tulsa for several months without seeing any results.

FOX23 then reached out to city officials.

Parks and Recreation Director Anna America knew about the issues at the park. She said, money was the issue.

“Funding, it’s always going to be funding,” said America.

Despite the lack of funding, the wooden panels on the bridge at Mohawk Park has since been replaced. Materials cost around $6,500 and the country completed the labor for free. Another bridge at the park was also repaired.

Garrett and Huey are thrilled with the updates.

“This looked so smooth, I couldn’t believe it, then I drove across it and it was so quiet compared to what it was before. It would almost buck you off the bridge. It was amazing I think they did a great job,” said Huey.

Despite the updates, Garrett and Huey says their quest isn’t over just yet.

“To the city and parks department, this project is only 50 percent finished. There are rock bridges that need serious upgrading and resurfacing,” said Garrett. The city calls these additional bridges “low water crossings.” America told FOX23 that she wants to replace these bridges, but each bridge will cost $1 million dollars.

Garrett and Huey says they will continue to fight for these updates at Mohawk Park.