• Chihuahua killed by another dog outside dog park

    By: Janna Clark


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • A Tulsa man's chihuahua was killed by another dog.
    • It happened at Tulsa Housing Authority Complex Murdock Villa near 11th and Utica.
    • It happened by the gate of the dog pen behind the complex.
    • FOX23 saw neighbors' lease that say "dogs maximum weight 25 pounds."
    • Neighbors say the dog that attacked was too big to stay there.
    • We asked the Tulsa Housing Authority about it.
    • They said, "THA does not have any complaints about the dog in question.... THA takes animal complaints seriously and makes contact with the resident to address the complaint."
    • If there's an attack, THA said, "Residents are required to remove the animal or face a lease violation that may result in an eviction.
    • THA says they cannot talk about what happened in this specific case without the resident's consent.

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