• Bixby city councilman: Water bill questions are the number 1 complaint from constituents

    By: Ashli Lincoln


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    • A Bixby city councilman says he receives more complaints about water bill questions than any other complaints.
    • He says the complaints are passed along to the city manager, who is working to find a solution.
    • A meeting Monday will address a vote to install water meters.

    BIXBY, Okla. - Richie Stewart has been a Bixby councilman since 2014, and he says constituents' number one complaint is related to water bill questions.

    According to Stewart, billing questions address issues like inaccurate meter usage, broken meters and high billing amounts.  

    Stewart says they pass along these complaints to the city manager, and it’s up to him to address the issue.

    Stewart says the city manager has been proactive about finding a solution to this problem, but he admits it’s been challenging.

    Stewart says in 2013 the council voted to increase the water rate to 7 percent, which would explain some high water bills, but the water usage fluctuation issue has residents and city workers scratching their heads. 

    The city plans to hire more public works personnel and plan to install more meters.

    City officials did not approve a move Monday to install nearly three million dollars’ worth of water meters.

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