• Bartlesville woman says doctors said son was ''throwing a fit' during seizure

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • A woman in Bartlesville is upset after taking her son to Jane Phillips Medical Center.
    • She said doctors did not correctly diagnose the boy. He fell and another doctors said he had a concussion and low blood sugar.
    • Jane Phillips Medical Center told FOX23 that they are "committed to delivering safe and compassionate care to all," but cannot comment on patient cases.
    • Watch FOX23 Ashli Lincoln's investigation on FOX23 News at 6.


    A Bartlesville woman is upset over the medical attention that her 18-month-old son received at the Jane Phillips Medical Center.

    Megan White told FOX23 that she took her son to the hospital twice last week after he began to act odd when he fell out of a shopping cart at Walmart.

    Doctors at Jane Phillips performed several CAT scans on the boy and noted that he had symptoms of a concussion, but did not diagnose him with one because of his age.

    White said her son suffered several seizures in the days afterward.

    She decided to take him to a hospital in Owasso. The doctors there noticed that something was wrong and called EMSA to take him to St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

    Doctors there confirmed the boy did had a concussion and had low blood sugar.

    White is considering taking legal action against the Bartlesville hospital for not correctly diagnosing her son.

    White told FOX23 that the Bartlesville doctors said her son was "throwing a fit," not having a seizure.



    "I argued with him for a little bit, and Jackson threw up and started having a seizure right in front of the doctor. The doctor said he was throwing a fit," White said.

    Jane Phillips Medical center gave the following statement to FOX23:

    "As a longstanding health care provider to Bartlesville and surrounding communities, we are committed to delivering safe and compassionate care to all. Patient confidentiality laws prevent us from commenting publicly about this patient case. Consistent with our mission and goals, we will continue to provide the highest quality of care to those we serve throughout the Bartlesville area."

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